Managing Cosmetology     

Turn your enthusiasm for hair care and beauty trends into a career by completing the Advanced Cosmetology program at the Sandusky Career Center. Our licensed educators train students with real-world knowledge in the areas of hair, skin and nails while providing the tools, techniques and business skills to build your successful career in the beauty industry. Sandusky Career Center Advanced Cosmetology program is an 1800-hour, hands-on educational experience designed to prepare students for the Ohio Board of Cosmetology Advanced Cosmetology License Exam as well as to be able to work in the beauty industry after receiving their license. Our course combines theory with extensive hands-on experience to provide you with a complete understanding of beauty and wellness. What sets our program apart from the rest? The equipment kit students receive containing the latest CHI tools and the opportunity to work with top of the line salon products. Cosmetologists have a unique opportunity to improve people’s lives by making them feel their best about the way they look. In order to succeed in cosmetology, students must be able to work well with their hands as well as possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Utilizing those skills as well as the ones you will learn in our program can help you begin your career in the beauty industry.